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The promise of genetic modification was twofold: By making crops immune to the effects of weed killers and inherently resistant to many pests, they would grow so robustly that they would become indispensable to feeding the world’s growing population, while also requiring fewer applications of sprayed pesticides. Twenty years ago, Europe largely rejected genetic modification at the same time the United States and Canada were embracing it. Comparing results on the two continents, using independent data as well as academic and industry research, shows how the technology has fallen short of the promise. An analysis by the New York Times using U.N. data showed that the United States and Canada have gained no discernible advantage in yields when measured against Western Europe, a region with comparably modernized agricultural producers like France and Germany. Also, a recent National Academy of Sciences report found “there was little evidence” that the introduction of genetically modified crops in the United States had led to yield gains beyond those seen in conventional crops. At the same time, herbicide use has increased in the United States, even as major crops like corn, soybeans and cotton have been converted to modified varieties. And the United States has fallen behind Europe’s biggest producer, France, in reducing the overall use of pesticides, which includes herbicides and insecticides. Moorfields Eye Hospital, London Consultant Ophthalmologist – YouTubeOne measure, contained in data from the U.S.

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It may be caused due to any injury, long or short sightedness and illness. Amblyopia is the most common cause of monocular blindness partial or complete vision impairment in one eye in the United States, affecting 2-3% of Americans every year. If cataract is diagnosed at an early stage, a small incision cataract surgery can be performed to remove the cataract. So the person planning to have this surgery done, must also inquire about the same. While some may develop glares, halos, and double vision, problems with night vision are also not rare. In some cases, the employers may prohibit their employees from undergoing LASIK eye surgery. A person with lazy eye may have some or all of these signs and symptoms: poor depth perception With diminished vision in one eye, a child may find it difficult to focus. Amblyopia, commonly known as ‘Lazy Eye’, is a complex disorder of the eye and brain coordination. Although, lase is slightly safer as there is no creation of corneal flap, the healing process is slow and involves more eye discomfort. Moorfields Eye Hospital London Laser Eye Surgeon – YouTube

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