Background Questions On Sensible Strategies In National Health Service

National Health Service

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The slightest surge in demand, such as this year’s flu epidemic, can be enough to plunge it into chaos with A&E waiting times surging. Last week, 23 percent of patients waited more than four hours to see a doctor while two patients died on stretchers in a corridor at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital this week, revealing a shortage of beds, ambulances and doctors. ‘The eternal winter’ Richard Kerr, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, said he had never seen such a serious situation in his 26-year career. Red Cross chief executive Mike Adamson even called it a “humanitarian crisis”, a conclusion rejected by Conservative premier May, who called the comment “irresponsible and overblown”. “We acknowledge that there are pressures on the health service, there are always extra pressures on the NHS in the winter” she said Friday. But for many, the malaise is much deeper. Provided by AFP British Prime Minister Theresa May said the stark image of a child stretched across two plastic chairs while waiting to see a doctor was one of a few “isolated incidents” “This is not a ‘winter’ crisis. This is a blizzard in an eternal winter of the NHS,” said Mark Holland, a doctor specialising in acute illnesses. “We are asking the staff to offer a first-class service with numbers and beds worthy of the Third World.” In a moving speech in parliament, MP Toby Perkins said he was “ashamed” that his father had received better care while on holiday in Germany than at home.

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