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However, so far little is known of metamemory, because it requires the reconstruction of past experiences as current mental representations for metacognitive assessment, the process of which naturally requires more self-reflective and introspective information processing than perceptual metacognition. Amongst the other unanswered questions, it is unknown whether the processes that implement metamemory were distinct from the processes of memory itself. Miyashita and colleagues showed macaque monkeys a series of four pictures of objects. Afterwards, the monkeys were shown an additional picture, and asked to indicate, not just whether they had seen the additional picture before but to wager how confident they were in their response. Functional MRI mapping of the whole brain during these tests indicated distinct areas that were activated during the metamemory processes. The brain images also revealed that the area responsible for metamemory of the last picture recent memory – was different from that for the first picture remote memory. Reversible deactivation of these areas noticeably impinged on the monkeys metamemory functions without affecting their ability to memorize the check it out pictures. The researchers concluded, The findings reveal that parallel metamemory streams supervise recognition networks for remote and recent memory, without contributing to recognition itself. Background Metacognition Metacognition defines the cognition about cognition or knowing about knowing that is characteristic of our self-awareness. Two components feed into metacognition Liked this knowledge about cognition and regulation of cognition, which allows us to apply different strategies for learning and problem solving. Some have suggested that metacognition is a survival process that should be common across creatures but it is little understood so far.

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